Note 1
– The KSC114 Spiral Contractometer is constructed to self-center on the stand and the stand is constructed to self-center over a 4,000 mm Pyrex beaker.  The stand is required for helix calibration.

Note 2– The PN:  MSH4000 Magnetic Stir Hot Plate is recommended to maintain a uniform temperature through the recommended 4,000 mm Pyrex holding beaker.  The centering stand as stand support blocks are properly sized to fit the height of this hot plate.

Note 3– An X indicates necessary equipment and a question mark indicates optional depending on plating bath operating conditions.  Spiral/ Helices without Teflon mask can be used for control purposes with 4-10 % error  depending on the deposit throwing power.  Nickel results are about 5% error using the new design Specialty Testing Spiral Contractometer.

Note 4– For all deposits except chromium, the PN: HY3005 Power Supply with zero to 5 amp output is recommended.  For chromium, a 0-10 amp Power Supply is recommended.

Note 5– To determine the deposit plating time and amperage reference the Specialty Testing Spiral Contractometer Brochure.  A typical test for Nickel is 2.9 amps at 30 ASF for 20 minutes and 40 Seconds for a target thickness of 500 microinches.