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Specialty Testing and Development Company

21 Church Street, PO Box 296 Seven Valleys, PA 17360 USA

Fax: 717-428-0294

Phone: 717-428-0186

For Quotes And Orders

See below for a list of distributors in other countries.

For Technical Questions

For Nickel plating testing / Certifications

EMS Analytical Labs Inc.

2735 Saturn Street Brea CA 92821

Phone: 714-279-1565

Get in touch

Need help with an electroforming project or stress control? Go to the experts at NiCoForm Inc who participated in the development and testing of our original in-tank stress measurement cell, In-Site 1′. Also, we have an updated version of the ‘Fast and Accurate…’ paper on our site.

Anodes and Accessories

Kocour Company, Inc

4800 South St. Lewis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60632

Fax: 773-847-3399

Phone: 773-847-1111



For Orders in South Korea:

PNC Trading Co.

LG Twinhouse Rm. 726, 192 Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Fax: 82-31-714-0446

Phone: 82-31-714-0447



For Orders in Europe:

Bücherl Galvanoservice GmbH

Businesspark A96 D-86842 Türkheim

Fax: +49 (0)8245 968 36 27

Phone: +49 (0)8245 968 75 50



For Orders in Japan:

Fuji Kasei Company Ltd.

#2-24 Hirata Ichikawa, 272-0031 Japan

Fax: 81-47-326-6672

Phone: 81-47-326-3575



For Orders in China:

Univertical International (Suzhou) Co. Ltd

No. 567 Jinfeng Road,Suzhou New District, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China 215129

Fax: 86-512-66613128

Phone: 86-512-6661-0088


For Orders in Taiwan /Hong Kong:

Univertical International

Jeff Wu – e-mail:

Ph Pua –email:

For Orders in Brazil, Mexico, Middle East and the UAE

Diversified Materials, Inc.

857 Cantwell Lane Corpus Christi, TX 78408

Fax: 361-993-8911

Phone: 361-993-4600

Steve Cox – email: