The Deposit Stress Analyzer Method is ASTM Standard B975

This is a unique, reliable, accurate and economical method for testing the internal deposit stress exhibited in thin metallic coatings such as those deposited by electrolytic and electroless plating processes and electrocoated deposits. Testing using the Deposit Stress Analyzer is simple and requires a low capital investment. Test strips can be coated along with work being processed, or testing can be done by coating the test strips separately in a laboratory bench set-up with the deposit or coating being evaluated. Calculation of the internal deposit stress in pounds per square inch, whether tensile or compressive, can be easily determined.

The Deposit Stress Analyzer System can be used by most metal platers.

Some applications include:

Military zinc, tin and cadmium plated deposits        Hard chrome plated deposits

Decorative nickel chrome plated deposits               Electronics copper and nickel plated deposits

Precious metal plated deposits                                Electroless chemically deposited metallic layers

Engineered metal alloy plated deposits