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Spiral Equipment – How to know what to purchase

Note 1

The KSC114 Spiral Contractometer is constructed to self-center on the stand and the stand is constructed to self-center over a 4,000 mm Pyrex beaker. The stand is required for helix calibration.

Note 2

An X indicates necessary equipment and a question mark indicates optional depending on plating bath operating conditions. Spiral/ Helices without Fluoropolymer mask can be used for control purposes with 4-10 % error depending on the deposit throwing power. Nickel results are about 5% error using the new design Specialty Testing Spiral Contractometer.

Note 3

For all deposits except chromium, the PN: HY3005 Power Supply with zero to 5 amp output is recommended. For chromium, a 0-10 amp Power Supply is recommended.

Note 4

To determine the deposit plating time and amperage reference the Specialty Testing Spiral Contractometer Brochure. A typical test for Nickel is 2.9 amps at 30 ASF for 20 minutes and 40 Seconds for a target thickness of 500 microinches.

Spiral Contractometer Adjustable Support Stand Fluoropolymer Coated Spiral Non Coated Spiral Adobe Basket Large Temperature Control Power Supply Mag. Stirrer/ Hot Plate
Part Number KSC114 SAS141 CTS214 NCS314 ABL14 TC590 HY3005 MSH4000
Brass X X X ? ?65 to 120 X ?
Cadimium X X X ? ?60 to 85 X ?
Chromium X X X ? X X
Cobalt X X X ? X
Copper (Cyanide) X X X ? ?65 to 80 X X
Copper (Acidic) X X X ? ?65 to 85 X ?
Gold (Cyanide) X X X ? 70 to 130 X X
Godl (Acidic) X X X ? 90 to 130 X X
Indium X X X ? ?60 to 75 X X
Nickel (Bright) X X X ? X 120 to 140 X X
Nickel (Sulfamate) X X X ? X 130 to 140 X X
Nickel (Electroless) X X X ? 175 to 190 X
Nickel Cobalt X X X ? 120 to 150 X X
Palladium X X X ? 80 to 135 X X
Platinum X X X ? 80 to 90 X X
Rhodium X X X ? 90 to 95 X X
Silver (Cyanide) X X X ? ?65 to 80 X ?
Tin (Alkaline) X X X ? 140 to 175 X X
Tin (Acidic) X X X ? 140 to 175 X X
Zinc (Cyanide) X X X ? 77 to 100 X X
Zinc (Acidic) X X X ? ?68 to 80 X ?