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Submersible Pump


PN:  404 Submersible Pump is included with purchase of PN:800L plating cell Lexan construction.

*Product may vary from photo.

WARNING:Temperatures above 180°F could warp the flow control slide bar mounting.

*Not for use with chromic acid.


Photo Credit: Athena Marie Photography

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The Submersible Pump:

*Wattage: 4w

*Flow rate: 158 GPH

*Size: 158 GPH 1.78 (L) x 2.10 (W) x 2.02(H)

*Energy Efficient due to the enhanced motor design and magnetic rotor technology

*Fully Submersible Only

*Quiet Operation

*Compact Design

*Powerful and reliable

Minimal setting recommended

When pump is not in use store submersed in water.

Position the NP=Series Submersible pump on the bottom of the plating cell (PN:800PVC) in a horizontal position. Attach the suction cups to the side of the cell wall at a location that directs the pump discharge toward the opening in the middle cell divider at the end opposite from the heater mounting.

Note: Use water to moisten the suction cups prior to adding plating solution.

Minimum flow is recommended when a test strip is being plated. Adjust the flow control slide to the minimum setting before filling the plating cell with plating solution. It may be necessary to direct the pump flow somewhat away from the lower divider wall opening to control agitation in a manner that does not push the test strip so as to favor one anode over the other.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 in