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Internal stress exists as an inherent force within electroplated and chemically applied metallic deposits. This induced stress can be tensile or compressive in nature, causing the deposit to contract or expand in relation to the base material. High levels of stress in deposits produce micro-cracking and macro-cracking, and in severe cases produce a lack of deposit adhesion in the form of blistering, peeling, and flaking.

Two ways to evaluate the internal deposit stress in metallic coatings are the bent strip Deposit Stress Analyzer and the Spiral Contractometer systems. These represent two stress test procedures that have approval status by the American Society for Testing Metals Standards.


The Deposit Stress Analyzer System meets the requirements in the ASTM Standard B975

This is a unique, reliable, accurate and economical method for testing the internal deposit stress exhibited in thin metallic coatings such as those deposited by electrolytic and electroless plating processes and electrocoated deposits. Testing using the Deposit Stress Analyzer is simple and requires a low capital investment. Test strips can be coated along with work being processed, or testing can be done by coating the test strips separately in a laboratory bench set-up with the deposit or coating being evaluated. Calculation of the internal deposit stress in pounds per square inch, whether tensile or compressive, can be easily determined. This method is not for moderate to high alkaline plating baths.

The Spiral Contractometer System meets the requirements in the ASTM Standard B636

Our Spiral Contractometer offers the advantage of a new geometry to solve problems related to an exposed center rod that allows deposition of the applied deposit to occur on the inside of the spiral (helix). An interior deposit reversed the type of stress to a significant degree and on the inside of the spiral (helix). An interior deposit reverses the type of stress to a significant degree and calculates erroneous data much greater that is commonly realized so interior masking is very necessary. This design provides masking is sufficient for process control when using helices without an interior mask.

Calculating App

Click box for a calculating app that will work for both the Deposit Stress Analyzer System and the Spiral Contractometer System which will assist in solving the formulas.

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