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Spirals Fluoropolymer Coated


PN:  CTS214 Spiral (Helix) Fluoropolymer Coated

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 When the exterior surface of a helix shows visible etching, and / or the interior Fluoropolymer coating metal is showing the helix should be discarded.
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Photo Credit: Athena Marie Photography

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The PN:  CTS214 Spirals (Helices) are Fluoropolymer coated to be used with our PN:  KSC114 Spiral Contractometer

Specialty Testing spirals are masked on the interior surface with a thin Fluoropolymer coating that will withstand repeated stripping of nickel deposits in a 50% nitric acid solution at room temperature. These spirals (helices) will withstand plating bath temperatures up to 350°F.

Specialty Testing and Development Company spirals (helices) are constructed from 0.010 inch thick stainless steel, approximately 6.25 inches long and has a precise surface area of 13.57 square inches. The spiral (helix) mounts on the contractometer in a manner that permits plating on the entire outside surface of the spiral (helix) and discourages deposition on the interior of the spiral (helix). Thus, there is no need to estimate the surface area that has been plated.

Note: The recommended average test deposit thickness is 500 microinches, (0.000500 inch) for nickel deposits.

Properties and test conditions for stainless steel Spiral (HELIX) with a Fluoropolymer coated interior

  • Surface Area, in² 13.57
  • Square Feet 0.0942
  • Amps per sq. foot 30
  • Amps 2.90
  • Stock Thickness, inches 0.010
  • Avg. Deposit Thickness, µʺ 500
  • Plating Time, Min & Seconds 20 M & 40 S
  • Plating Solution Temperature 130°F ± 1 °F

Equipment Needed:

  • Spiral Contractometer with calibration weights (PN:KSC114)
  • Adjustable Spiral Contractometer Support Stand (PN: SAS141)
  • Titanium anode basket 5ʺOD for nickel bath (PN:ABL14)
  • 4,000 ml Pyrex beaker for plating bath (other source)
  • DC Power Supply 0-5 Amperage output constant amp constant voltage (PN: HY3005-PS)
  • Approx. 3,000 ml beaker for Wood’s nickel strike bath (other source) around 9 1/2” tall beaker *If needed
  • Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate (PN:MSH4000)
  • Digital Temperature Controller prewired with probe (PN:590TC)

Stripping of helix for Reuse

Plated helices can be stripped of nickel deposits repeatedly in a 50% by volume nitric acid solution for reuse.
Do not heat the solution above 90°F. The Fluoropolymer coating will remain in place.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 in

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