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Spirals Non-Coated


PN:  NCS314 Spirals (Helix)- Non-Coated


Photo Credit: Athena Marie Photography


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Non-coated Spirals (Helix) are used for the Electro Deposition of Metallic coatings for process control purposes when a critical internal deposit stress value number is not required, since the spiral contractometer design provides shielding of the interior during the plating process.

For certification purposes spirals (helixes) with Fluoropolymer coated interiors are recommended.

These spirals (Helix) are designed to fit into any existing spiral contractometer.

Deposit Thickness Formula For Chemically Applied Deposits:

T  =    ─────────────────   
          D (173cm²)(2.54cm²/in²)

W = Deposit weight in grams

D = Deposit specific gravity in grams/cm³

*173 cm² allows a deduction of 2 cm² for interior mounting to the spiral contractometer.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in

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