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PN: 800PVC Plating Cell


PN: 800PVC Plating Cell (Two Compartment)


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Cell P/N Lexan PVC Flow Holes Pump Max °F Aprox. Volume Lab setting In-tank
785A Yes No Yes No 212 1 Gal. w/ container Yes Yes
785B No Yes Yes No 360 1 Gal. w/ container Yes Yes
785C Yes No No No 212 1/2 Gal. Yes No
800L Yes No No Yes 212 1 Gal. Yes No
800PVC No Yes No No 360 1 Gal. Yes No
492 No Yes Yes No 180 400 Milliliters Yes Yes

The PN:  800PVC Plating Cell Made of PVC Construction has two compartments and are specifically designed for precision deposit stress measurements and is to be used in a laboratory.  A dividing wall separates the cells into two equal sections.  One section is for using the Immersion Heater (PN:3046) while the other section is for plating a test strip.  The dividing wall has an opening at each end to permit solution flow through both cell sections ( Size 8.5″ x 9.25″ x 7.75″). This cell offers a standard geometry with respect to anode size and positioning.  Consistent anode to cathode spacing is maintained.

NOTE: During plating a test strip is exposed to a uniform current density along the legs of the strip.  The plating test should be continued until the test strip legs deflect up to 20 units and with a target thickness that does not exceed approximately 100 microinches for the most accurate results. Very low stress may show only 1-2 units.

NOTE: This cell is recommended for Chrome usage.

NOTE: Our immersible pump is not included in the PN:  800PVC because it will not withstand the harsh chemicals.

Plating Cell Features:

  • Made of PVC Construction (which is recommended for Chrome plating)
  • Is a self contained unit for Lab work
  • Two anode pockets for 2 3/8″ (61 mm) x 2 3/8″ (61 mm) size anodes
  • Leads to each anode from a central contact
  • Is a divided Cell with two compartments with flow holes between the compartments (one for PN:  3046 Immersion Heater and agitation, and the other one for plating the test strip)
  • A clip assembly for positioning the test strip midway between the anodes.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 7 in

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